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Designed to help identify solutions to reduce hospital acquired conditions and readmissions and spread them to hospitals and other health care providers.



How do I log into the website?

This question has become popular, so we thought we would post the answer. Every participating healthcare facility within the HEN has an unique number that is three to four characters long ending in their state abreviation [Format =HRETxxxxST]. This ID becomes the "Username" for the facility's profile. The "Password" is also the ID with a pound sign suffix [Format =HRETxxxxST#]. Members within a facility can all use the same login information. If you experience trouble, contact your state lead.


2014 Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Change Package Update Released

The 2014 Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Change Package is now available! The Change Package has been expanded to include:

  • A focus on antimicrobial stewardship in surgical patients
  • Standardized approaches to prophylactic antimicrobial prescribing practices in surgical patients
  • Patient and family engagement in SSI prevention
  • Perioperative glucose control for all surgical patients
  • Updated resources and references to support change ideas

To download this new resource, please click here.


 The 2014 Adverse Drug Events (ADE) Change Package Update Release

The Change Package has been expanded to include:

New detailed drivers, ideas to test and narrative sections on Patient and Family Engagement (PFE)

  • A narrower focus on warfarin, opioids and insulin
  • Hypoglycemia prevention guidelines and tools based on the 2013 American Diabetes Association (ADA) standards of diabetes care
  • Expanded change ideas, with particular focus on opioids
  • Tools for preventing ADEs with warfarin, opioid and insulin use
  • Lists new references and updated links to references found in earlier version of the Change Package

 To download the updated ADE Change Package click here.