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The 2014 Falls Change Package Is Now Available!

The 2014 Falls Change Package is now available. Key updates include:

  • Addition of a new Primary Driver: Preventing the hazards of immobility, focusing on rehabilitation assessments, progressive activity and regularly scheduled ambulation;
  • Expanded definitions of the types of falls and which types are preventable;
  • Increased focus on hourly rounding as a fall prevention strategy, with sample tools for evaluating competency and documenting rounds;
  • Increased emphasis on the role of pharmacy in evaluating “culprit” medications and participating in post-fall huddles;
  • Inclusion of a Fall Medication Review Tool;
  • Sample Post-Fall Huddle Tools; and
  • A Sample Post-Partum Fall Risk Assessment Tool.

Click here to access the updated change package.

The 2014 Ventilator Associated Events (VAE) Change Package is now available

The Change Package has been expanded to include:

• Broader VAE monitoring and surveillance information, integrating the 2013 and 2014 changes
• Expanded Awakening and Breathing Coordination, Delirium Monitoring and Management and Early Mobility (ABCDE) bundle elements
• Examples of Spontaneous Awakening Trial (SAT)/Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT) protocols and algorithms
• More on the benefits of early mobility and an example of a progressive mobility protocol

To download the updated VAE Change Package, please click here.